प्लेटफार्म Platform (1993) – Full Movie | Ajay Devgn, Tisca Chopra, Mohnish Bahl, Paresh Rawal

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Starcast: Ajay Devgan, Tisca Chopra, Prithvi, Paresh Rawal, Kiran Kumar, Surendra Pal, Mohnish Bahl, Nandini Singh, Anjana Mumtaz, Mushtaq Khan, Gavin Packard
Directed by: Deepak Pawar
Produced by: Mukesh Duggal
Music: Anand–Milind

Synopsis: Vikram is a hardworking farmer who lives in a village with his mother and younger brother, Rajoo. Vikram utilizes all his efforts and money to educate Rajoo; when their mother passes away Rajoo is left in Vikram’s care. The brothers migrate to the city in search of employment. Vikram gets employed as a waiter by the owner of the Swarg Hotel who trusts him and takes care of him and his brother. This does not sit well with the owner’s brother, Hariya. Hariya murders his brother and frames Vikram for the killing. Vikram and Rajoo manage to escape, but soon Inspector Joshi catches up with Vikram and arrests him, leaving Rajoo on the railway platform. Vikram is then sentenced to 9 years imprisonment despite his denial of committing the crime; meanwhile Rajoo is taken in by Hariya, who introduces him to crime. 9 years later, when Vikram’s sentence is not yet fully completed, he is forced to escape from jail in order to save his brother. What he finds is an enraged Rajoo who is angry at his desertion, is not prepared to part ways with Hariya and instead wants to protect Hariya from the wrath of Vikram.

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