माफिया – धर्मेंद्र की सुपरहिट एक्शन फिल्म | सोमी अली, गुलशन ग्रोवर, आदित्य पंचोली | Mafia (1996)

In India, many illegal activities including supply of firearms and drugs in bulk are executed by an influential and dominant mafia Gawda, who uses his supremacy and power to stop strikes and release convicts from police custody as well. A man named Moosa, with whom Gawda previously worked and thus learnt the ways and means of the underworld, vehemently expresses his animosity towards Gawda for his depraved activities against the society and the nation. Gawda, with the help of his men, burns Moosa’s daughter to death and kills Moosa. The murder of Moosa’s daughter becomes the top and sensational news in newspapers. When DCP Bapat is enquired by Police Commissioner Pawar of the murder of Moosa’s daughter and the extreme growth in the crime rate of the city, Bapat tries to dismiss the matter by saying that everything – prices, population, crime – is increasing, and the law has become inferior in front of ministers and politicians. Pawar cannot take any punitive measure against Bapat because the latter has the backing of ministers and politicians, and above all Gawda.

Movie:- Mafia (1996) | माफिया
Starcast:- Dharmendra, Aditya Pancholi, Gulshan Grover, Ali Asgar, Somy Ali, Raza Murad
Directed by:- Aziz Sejawal
Produced by:- Vijay Mehta
Music by:- Anand Milind

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