【ENG】Decisive Engagement: Beiping Tianjin Campaign | War Movie | China Movie Channel ENGLISH

【Chinese Name】平津战役
【Starring】 古月 Gu Yue / 苏林 Su Lin
【Synopsis】In the late 1940s, the ancient Chinese nation ushered in an important moment to determine the destiny. The fighting struggles of the KMT and the Communist Party entered the stage of tackling. After the Battle of Liaoning and Shen and the Huaihai Campaign, Chiang Kai -shek (Zhao Hengdor) was greatly touched, intending to withdraw the 600,000 nations of North China into Huaihai to build a sturdy Jianghuai defense line. At this critical juncture, Chairman Mao Zedong (Gu Yue) issued an instruction in Xibaipo, in which Lin Biao (Ma Shaoxin) led the Northeast Field Army to secretly cross the Great Wall, and launched the Pingjin battle with Nie Rongzhen’s North China Field Army to divide the Fu Zuoyi (Li Dingbao) Legion as each of various. Millet. Fu Yixian declined the request of the US forces to stay in North China. While persuading the president to dispel the idea of the army from the south of the army, it successfully obtained unprecedented power in North China. Who knew that during this period, the PLA had quietly completed the surround of Pingjin. Fu Zuoyi felt that he had gone, and decided to peace with his opponent through the daughter of Dong Ju (Chen Hongmei), the daughter of the Communist Party. It’s just that the fruit of peace is hard to come. Before that, we have to withstand more tests …
The film is the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of China, and is the third part of the trilogy of the decisive battle.
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