【erm】starting the year off by getting my waifu

welcome to 2024… may the degeneracy never leave our souls uwu


* $4.99 – Raggle Fraggle
* $50 – Nya Noom
* $69 – Bottom
* $100 – Cpr
* $200 – Cunningham

-DISCLAIMER- These alerts don’t work a lot and are often VERY behind so I apologize if the alerts don’t play. I will still try my best to say thank you to anyone kind enough to consider donating to the streams. Thank you guys!!

【Join Numination!】

1. Be respectful of Numi, moderators, and everyone in chat.
2. Remember to notify a moderator right away if there are any issues.
3. Do not spam messages in chat.
4. Please be respectful and only bring up a streamer if I am talking about them, or the other streamer is already talking about me.
5. Be mindful that the content in Numi’s streams can get mature.
6. Please keep triggering topics outside of the stream. We understand you may be going through a difficult time, but venting about personal matters should be had elsewhere.
7. Be swag

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