10 Times Jackie Chan ALMOST DIED Doing His Own Stunts!

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Jackie Chan is known for doing most of his own stunts, while this is ideal for filming action scenes it also puts the actors life in danger.
Here are 10 Times Jackie Chan ALMOST DIED Doing His Own Stunts!

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1. Drunken master 1978
Whilst filming a fight scene with Hwang jang-lee known as the king of the leg fighters, one of jang-lee’s kicks connected with Jackie’s eyebrow, fracturing a piece of bone which caused Jackie to nearly lose an eye.

2. Project A 1983
In this scene Jackie’s character “ma” clings to a six storey clock tower and falls through two awnings to the ground. The awnings were supposed to break his fall but instead they turned him in the air causing him to land on his head and injure his spine.

3. Police story 1985
Here Jackie had to jump to the pole, slide down, breaking the lights and fall through a fake glass roof to the floor. Unfortunately the bulbs had heated the pole causing him to burn his hands and the landing dislocated his pelvis and damaged two vertebrae.

4. Armour of God 1986
This was supposedly an easy stunt. Jackie had to jump from a slope to a tree but a slight error in calculation caused him to fall to the rocks below, cracking his skull and a piece of it lodged in his brain. He had to have surgery and still has a metal plate on his skull.

5. Armour of God 2 1991
This again was supposedly a simple stunt, jumping from a banner to a hanging chain but somehow Jackie lost his grip and fell to the ground, dislocating his sternum. A second take was impossible so it had to be cleverly edited out.

6. Crime story 1992
In this scene Jackie jumps to safety whilst narrowly avoiding getting crushed between two cars. Although there are no outtakes, Jackie says his legs were crushed between them in an earlier take, but luckily no serious damage was done.

7. Police story 3 super cop 1992
Here Jackie had to hold onto a rotating standpipe, whilst avoiding a helicopter as it landed on a train. but the pipe didn’t rotate causing him to be hit by the helicopter, breaking a rib, cracking a cheekbone damaging his shoulder muscles.

8. The legend of Drunken master 1994
In the final fight scene Jackie has to fall backwards onto a bed of coals then scramble and roll off it whilst avoiding kicks. Although he sustained no serious injuries he did do two takes as the first one didn’t “have the right feel”.

9. Who Am I? 1998
Possibly Jackie’s most dangerous stunt was sliding down the glass facade of the 24 storey Willemswerf. Apparently it took Jackie two weeks to build up the courage to do the stunt and he escaped it with only a slight ankle injury.

10. New police story 2004
In this scene Jackie jumps from a bridge to a lamppost, from a lamppost to the roof of a moving bus, then dodges signs, jumps in through the bus window, ducks down as the buses roof gets ripped off and manages to stop the bus before it falls into the sea. Nearly dying ten times in one scene.

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