12 Hours To Live (2006) | Full Crime Drama Movie | Ione Skye | Brittney Wilson | Kevin Durand

12 Hours to Live Full Movie (2006)

An FBI Agent must race against time to save the lives of two teens being held hostage by a dangerous gunman. 18 year old Amy is kidnapped by a deranged gunman. Together in an SUV, the two criss-cross the countryside evading the police by using back roads.

Stopping for gas, Amy sees only to closely what happens when you cross the man with the gun. With her looking on, the gas station attendant is shot dead. Adding to Amy’s misery is that she is diabetic. Analzying her options, Amy knows her chances of survival diminish with each passing hour.

Without an insulin injection in the next few hours, she will fall into a coma and die. Once comatose, shes no good to the gunman. He’ll surely dump her lifeless body on the side of the road. If the police find them, it’s probably death in a hale of bullets. With nowhere to turn for help, Amy realizes that she must rely on her wits to get her through this ordeal.

Cast: Ione Skye, Kevin Durand, Brittney Wilson, Kim Coates , Doug Abrahams, Rukiya Bernard, Michael Boisvert
Director: George Mendeluk

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