16 The Happy Thieves 1962 crime comedy film Black And White Cult Classic Movie

“The Happy Thieves” revolves around a group of art thieves who plan to steal a valuable painting from a museum in Spain. The central characters include a master thief, a beautiful accomplice, and a wealthy art collector. The film explores the dynamics within the group as they attempt to execute the heist and navigate the twists and turns that follow.


Rex Harrison as Joe Wiley: The master thief.
Rita Hayworth as Eve Lewis: A beautiful accomplice.
Joseph Wiseman as Jean Marie Calbert: A wealthy art collector.
Alida Valli as Alda Tropuani: Joe’s former wife.
Rex Harrison and Rita Hayworth:
Rex Harrison and Rita Hayworth lead the cast, bringing their talents to the forefront. Their on-screen chemistry and performances contribute to the film’s appeal.

Heist and Comedy Elements:
As a crime comedy, “The Happy Thieves” combines elements of heist and humor. The plot involves the intricacies of planning and executing a theft, but it also injects humor into the interactions between the characters.

George Marshall’s Direction:
Directed by George Marshall, the film benefits from Marshall’s experience in directing various genres, including comedy and crime. Marshall’s direction brings a lighthearted touch to the heist storyline.

Release and Reception:
“The Happy Thieves” was released in 1962 and received mixed reviews. While it may not be as well-known as some other films of the era, it has its place in the genre of crime comedies.

Cultural Context:
The film was produced during a time when heist films and crime comedies were popular in Hollywood. The allure of exotic locations, art theft, and charismatic characters added to the appeal of such films in the early 1960s.

While not a blockbuster, “The Happy Thieves” remains part of the cinematic history of crime comedies. The film showcases the charm of its lead actors and offers an entertaining blend of crime and humor.

In summary, “The Happy Thieves” (1962) is a crime comedy directed by George Marshall, featuring Rex Harrison and Rita Hayworth. The film centers around an art theft in Spain and combines elements of heist and humor in its storytelling.

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