1921 Tulsa Race Riot:Survivors & Decendants Recall :PART ONE

Reporter Tim Estiloz recounts the infamous and deadly 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riot… a little known and tragic chapter in our nation’s history. Estiloz tells the story of the riot in detail and “on the scene” recollections. This infamous and deadly tragedy is one of the nation’s little known sad chapters in our troubled history of race relations. The riot began with a false accusation of rape… and led many white residents of 1921 Tulsa to descend upon and literally burn, kill and destroy… a once-thriving black populated section of Tulsa called Greenwood. This area was – before the riot – so prosperous that it was known as the “Black Wall Street”. The carnage was unbelievable and the effects still resonate today. This video – first broadcast on TV in 1997 – includes recollections of eyewitnesses to the tragedy, historians and incredible film footage and photos shot of the burning buildings and carnage – as it was happening. This story continues on You Tube with the title “1921 Tulsa Race Riot: Survivors & Descendants Recall – PART TWO”.

This story was co-produced by Tim Estiloz. Estiloz is now an entertainment reporter for CN8 – The Comcast Network.

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