1975-76 Short-Lived TV Shows

This video is a compilation of most of the shows that were new, and (quickly) cancelled –
or not renewed – from the 1975-76 prime time TV schedule. Please note, I don’t always use the TV shows intro. Some of them aren’t permitted, or they aren’t available (not in circulation). There were a few shows that didn’t have much other than a few photos to work with.

This follows the days of the week, and the specific time slot that these shows would have fallen on. Not to mention, the shows that they were up against that were playing on the other networks.

I’d like to thank Nik Ranieri, for contributing by providing the audio for the intro to “Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell”. Much appreciated Nik!

I’d also like to thank:

– David Gideon (various intros/outros)
– Bionic Disco (various commercials)
– Gen X TV Memories (various commercials)
– RwDt09 (hours of enjoyment)

For information, I generally refer to:

– Wikipedia
– The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows (Seventh Edition)

Kevin MacLeod (music):

– No Frills Salsa – Alternative (“Popi” segment)
– Hot Swing (“The Cop and the Kid” segment)
– Adventures in Adventureland (“Sara” segment)

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