East Los Angeles gangs have for the longest consisted of gangs like White Fence, located around Whittier Boulevard, Primera Flats, who once occupied the Aliso Village housing project, or the many MaraVilla gangs, which was named after a neighborhood in East L.A. and are not aligned with the Surenos or Mexican Mafia, all being some of the oldest and largest gangs of East Los Angeles.

Whether its gangs along Olympic Street like Varrio Nuevo Estrada of the Estrada Courts or the sets of 1st Street expanding from Cuatro Flats to the Evergreen neighborhood just about every section of East L.A. is claimed by a Sureno gang.

North of Interstate 10, which expands well into Northeast Los Angeles as far as Atwater Village, is another section that could be considered as an extension of East L.A. with the likes of the historic Lincoln Heights neighborhood or housing complexes like William Mead or Romona Gardens.

Within this section of Los Angeles are the locations of some of the city’s largest and most reputable gangs like Big Hazard and some of the city’s oldest gangs like Toonerville or the Avenues, amongst others.

Some of the East Los Angeles gangs have been around since the 1930s, while some others were established later during the 1970 and 1980s as some have had generations of family members to be part and affiliated of a specific gang.