1984 – Repo Man | Movie of the Year

Movie of the Year: 1984 Repo Man

Can Repo Man take the title of our 1984 Movie of the Year?

In the early 80’s, UCLA film student Alex Cox wanted to move from student films to features. Remaking his student film by the same name, Repo Man would have a budget of 500 grand and be filled with punk rockers. Enter Michael Nesmith, everyone’s least favorite Monkee. At the time, Nesmith’s pockets were flush with that sweet liquid paper money, so he, along with universal, decided to turn Repo Man into a real movie. Well…as real as it turned out to be.

Repo Man tells the story of Otto, a young punk who has nothing going for him in post-apocalyptic Edge City. The apocalypse here, however, doesn’t come after a bomb has dropped, or zombies have attacked. This is after the apocalypse created by voting in conservatives (boo; furthermore, hiss). Otto takes a job as a repo man, and suddenly has a purpose, a mentor, and a girlfriend. Everything would probably end slightly less than fine if it wasn’t for a Chevy Malibu barreling towards our characters.

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