5 Shocking Movies Based on Real Crimes

5 Shocking Movies Based on Real Crimes

Movies are a great source of entertainment. When you’re watching something which is based on a true story, it can become even more interesting.

You might even see movies on this list that you had no idea were based on real life crimes!

1. City of God (2002)

This movie is based on some of the life events of photographer Wilson Rodriguez.

The movie is set in Rio de Janeiro and follows the growth of organized crime in one of the local suburbs.

Spanning a time frame from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.

It follows a gang of criminals who rob, kill, and deal drugs.

2. Memories of Murder (2003)

Set in South Korea during the late 1980’s, this real crime movie tells the story of Detective Park and Detective Seo as they attempt to solve serious crimes involving rape and murder.

The two characters are appealing to many audiences through the comedy aspects of this movie, making it a unique and intriguing thriller to watch.

3. Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

After a bank in Brooklyn was robbed in 1972, a LIFE magazine article was written which later provided the inspiration for this particular movie.

The movie was released in 1975, not long after the robbery itself took place.

After a bank robbery goes wrong and Sonny, Sal and Stevie only find a little over $1,000 in the safe, a terrifying afternoon of kidnap and demands ensues.

Starring the legendary Al Pacino, this is a must-see for any true crime fans.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie was a real hit in the cinemas when it was released back in 2013.

It is based on the story of Jordan Belfort, who spent 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and other crimes related to the stock market.

In 2007, he decided to publish his memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street, which was later made into the popular movie it is today.

After getting involved in the stock market, Jordan Belfort soon learns of the typical culture of greed which so often prevails in this industry.

Aggressive with his sales tactics and with the idea that his main goal is to make himself money, Belfort soon made huge amounts of money from criminal and fraudulent activity.

5. Public Enemies (2009)

In 2004, Bryan Burrough wrote a book titled “Public Enemies: America’s Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34“.

John Dillinger was one of the criminals featured in the book, which focused on the Great Depression era in America.

Public Enemies is loosely based on the events covered in Burrough’s book.

A tragic tale of love, crime and friendship, the movie is a favorite with many lovers of real crime movies.

The romance between John Dillinger and Billie Frechette, the friendships both in and out of prison, and the relentless FBI chase makes this movie an interesting watch for everyone.

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