87th Precinct – Season One – Episode Three – Lady Killer – 1961 – TV Series – Crime/Drama – HD

This series is based on the wonderful books of Ed McBain, and focuses on the lives of the lives of the officers of the 87th precinct in Manhattan.
The main characters are Detectives Steve Carella, Bert Kling, Meyer Meyer and Roger Havilland – plus Steve’s deaf mute wife Teddy.
The books were first rate, and this series gives a fair stab at capturing the gritty side of their life.

This episode is based on the 87th Precinct series novel “Lady Killer” from 1958 – the eighth novel in the series.

In this episode……
A young boy delivers a note to the precinct, which says he will kill “The Lady” at 8pm if the police don’t stop him.
So begins a frantic search for the note writers identity and intended victim.

Another great yarn, which although based on the novel, has some differences.
I recall that this book introduced a new Detective to the 87th, who became a regular. but here he is not seen – in fact I don’t think Detective “Cotton” Hawes appears in any of the TV Series.
A shame, as he was a great character.

First aired Oct 9th 1961

Resolution increased to HD.

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