A BRONX TALE [] Bar Fight Scene

“A Bronx Tale” | “Bar Fight Scene” is a scene wherein Sonny (Palminteri) confronts a group of motorcyclists in a local bar.
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A Bronx Tale | Bar Fight Scene

This video is only for entertainment purposes; I make no financial gain. I claim no ownership of the footage used in this video; the original owners retain these rights. The movie “A Bronx Tale” is an American crime drama film released in 1993 and stars Robert De Niro and Chaz Palminteri. “A Bronx Tale” was directed by Robert De Niro.

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Fun facts about “A Bronx Tale”:

Casting scouts searched around New York City and Long Island for a teenager to play the role of Calogero. A scout noticed Lillo Brancato on Jones Beach. For most of his childhood, Brancato had done impersonations of Robert De Niro and was often told that he resembled De Niro. When he performed an impersonation for the scout, she immediately cast him.

The original 1988 Broadway production of “A Bronx Tale” by Chazz Palminteri re-opened at the Walter Kerr Theatre on October 25, 2007, ran for one hundred eleven performances, and closed on February 24, 2008. Chazz still performs “A Bronx Tale” as his one-man play in approximately twenty-five cities a year.

In the biker bar fight scene, a curly haired character with a goatee is often mistaken for an early cameo appearance of Rob Schneider. This is actually a real New York City member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club.

Although it was “A Bronx Tale”, virtually all of it was filmed in Astoria and Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. It was easier to capture the period in those locations where many buildings from the 1920s, to the 50s; still stood.

The fictional motorcycle gang “Satan’s Messengers” is based on the notorious and real Hell’s Angels. There have been dozens of fictionalized versions to the Hell’s Angels in movies and on television shows with convoluted variations on their name. Here, in this movie, the word “messenger” comes closest to the true intent of the real name. The literal translation of the Greek word “aggelos” from which the word “angel” is derived, means “messenger”.

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Partial Cast:

Robert De Niro as Lorenzo Anello

Chazz Palminteri as Sonny LoSpecchio

Lillo Brancato, Jr. as Calogero Anello

Francis Capra as Calogero Anello (age 9)

Kathrine Narducci as Rosina Anello

Taral Hicks as Jane Williams

Joe Pesci as Carmine

Louis Vanaria as Crazy Mario

Domenick Lombardozzi as Nicky Zero


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