A Bronx Tale – Bikers Scene “Now Youse Can’t Leave” Movie Scene Clip High Quality 4K

Movie Description – A father becomes worried when a local gangster befriends his son in the Bronx in the 1960s.

The Bronx, New York, 1960. 9-year-old Calogero grows up admiring and fascinated by the local mob boss, Sonny. Calogero’s father, Lorenzo, wants to have nothing to do with the mob and does his best to keep his son away from Sonny and mob business. However, it may prove a losing battle.

One man lives in the neighborhood, another man owns it. A devoted father battles the local crime boss for the life of his son.

A Bronx Tale is a 1993 American coming-of-age crime drama film directed by and starring Robert De Niro in his directorial debut and produced by Jane Rosenthal, adapted from Chazz Palminteri’s 1989 play of the same name. It tells the coming of age story of an Italian-American boy, Calogero, who, after encountering a local Mafia boss, is torn between the temptations of organized crime and the values of his honest, hardworking father, as well as racial tensions in his community.

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A Bronx Tale Movie Clip Scene – Bikers Bar Scene “Now you’s can’t leave”

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