A life at Stake 1954 || Film Noir || Crime Thriller || Full Length Movie

“A Life at Stake” is a 1954 film noir directed by Paul Guilfoyle and starring Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes, and Douglas Dumbrille.

The film follows the story of a struggling Los Angeles architect named Edward Shaw (played by Keith Andes) who is approached by Doris Hillman (played by Angela Lansbury) to invest in a land deal. Edward invests all of his savings in the deal, only to discover that Doris is a con artist and has no intention of following through with the deal.

As Edward struggles to get his money back, he becomes increasingly desperate and paranoid, convinced that Doris is trying to kill him. The tension builds to a climax as Edward races to uncover the truth and save his own life.

“A Life at Stake” is a classic example of film noir, with its dark, suspenseful atmosphere and themes of greed and deception. Angela Lansbury delivers a standout performance as the femme fatale, and the film’s twists and turns keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


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