A Master Class in Acting with James Cagney

James Cagney was one of Hollywood’s most popular and successful actors during a 50-year career that was highlighted by three Oscar nominations. This Master Class with the legend showcases his many skills and talents on and off the set.

00:00 Syllabus
02:06 Lesson 1: Life Imitates Art
03:46 Lesson 2: Acting is a Family Business
05:35 Lesson 3: Work with Wellman
07:36 Lesson 4: Forget One Genre, Embrace Another
09:13 Lesson 5: When You Learn What the People Want, Give it to Them
11:46 Lesson 6: America Loves a Hero
13:59 Lesson 7: Always Keep ’em Guessing
16:36 Lesson 8: Your Voice is Always More Powerful Than Your Body
20:52 Class Dismissed