ACID-A short British gang film

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Please read first. Watch our later films, you’ll like them much more than this we promise you!

Acid, a film that was never intended to release, we had no budget for actors, the crew were the cast and editors in total of six people made this film. We know the acting isn’t believable you are not in any way smart for being able to point that out. Check out the latest films which have come along way since the days of Acid.

A short film we shot back in January and February, we were working on Orb at the same time and this project didn’t get much attention.We were going to never release it as we thought it was awkward and the acting wasn’t great along with sound problems but Instead of never releasing it we decided to anyway despite missing some of the needed foley of punches and sounds of pain. Set in the 80’s the film follows a gang of young British thugs as they do what they do best.

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