Adult Swim’s Most-Watched 2023 Show, Royal Crackers, Sets Season 2 Date


  • Royal Crackers” season 2, the hit animated comedy, will premiere on Max on February 29, much to the excitement of Adult Swim fans.
  • The new season will delve deeper into the characters’ personal struggles, including daddy issues, self-acceptance, and relationship challenges.
  • Creator and star Jason Ruiz expresses gratitude to Adult Swim for supporting the show’s exploration of both light and dark themes within the Hornsby family.

The second season of the Adult Swim hit animated comedy, Royal Crackers, has now been given a release date on Max. The animated series, which follows a dysfunctional family fighting over the legacy of their second-rate cracker company, Royal Crackers is now due to premiere on Thursday, February 29 at midnight ET/PT. There is much excitement about the return of Royal Crackers among Adult Swim fans, with the debut season of Royal Crackers recently being declared the most-watched Adult Swim original series of 2023.

Alongside a new trailer for the second season of Royal Crackers (which you can check out below), a newly released official synopsis for season two has also been released:

“In “Royal Crackers” Season Two, the storylines delve deeper into brothers Stebe (Ruiz) and Theo’s (Santino) daddy issues as they’re forced to confront their father’s dark past. Theo continues to grapple with the aftermath of his fall from stardom and attempts to navigate his way towards self-acceptance. Meanwhile, Deb (St. Clair) and Stebe’s highly sexually charged relationship undergoes significant challenges, putting their bond to the test. Matt (Flanagan) struggles to fit in at school and with his family. All the while the Royal Crackers company tries to not only maintain relevance, but also to become the most popular snack food in the whole frickin’ world.”

Created by and starring Jason Ruiz, the half-hour comedy also stars Andrew Santino (“Dave,” “Bad Friends” podcast), Jessica St. Clair (“Veep,” “The Deep Dive” podcast), David Gborie (“Exploding Kittens,” “My Momma Told Me”podcast) and Maile Flanagan (“Naruto,” “Not Dead Yet”).

Royal Crackers was created by Ruiz, who also serves as executive producer along with Seth Cohen (“The Last Man on Earth,” “Hoops”) and Evan Mann (“Arrested Development”). The series is produced by Titmouse.

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Royal Crackers Season 2 Lands on Max Next Month

Creator and star Jason Ruiz has heaped praise on Adult Swim for allowing him to craft a show that is so “near and dear” to him and his team, as well as being able to explore both the light and the dark sides of the feuding family.

“This show is near and dear to me and our team is second to none. I’m incredibly grateful to Adult Swim for supporting season two – which explores the deeper, lighter and darker sides of The Hornsbys.”

The first season of Royal Crackers premiered back in April last year, and tells the story of Royal Crackers, who was once the king of snacks. But now, the empire is crumbling. When Theodore Hornsby Sr. ends up in a coma, the rest of the Hornsbys will try to make Royal Crackers the success it once was.

New episodes of Royal Crackers will be available the next day on Max, with the second season now all set to debut on the streaming platform on Thursday, February 29.

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