After Dark (1932) BRITISH CRIME J. J. Farjeon, Albert Parker

A forgotten crime/horror film from Britain, adapted from Joseph Jefferson Farjeon’s play!
Richard Morton has some valuable jewels stolen. They’re hidden in the back of an old clock in an antique shop. When the thieves return for them, the clock has been sold! They trace it to a creepy country estate. When Richard Morton and the niece of one of the crooks also show up, things get hairy…

Directed by Albert Parker.
Written by John Barrow, adapted by R.J. Davis, from the play and with additional dialogue by Joseph Jefferson Farjeon.
Starring Horace Hodges, Hugh Williams, Grethe Hansen, George Barraud, Henry Oscar, Ian Fleming, Polly Emery, Arthur Padbury, Lucille Lisle, Henry B. Longhurst…