Alien Romulus Unleashes Trailer & Classic Xenomorph Designs


  • Alien: Romulus
    is shaping up to be a standout entry in the franchise with a return to classic Xenomorph design and horror elements. Check out the new trailer above.
  • Fans of the
    series can look forward to a blend of claustrophobic horror and action reminiscent of the original films.
  • Director Fede Álvarez has involved Ridley Scott in the process, aiming to bring the franchise back to its roots and honor its legacy.

Alien: Romulus is setting itself up as the most impressive entry in the long-running franchise in years. In a new trailer and first-look image from the film, fans have been given their clearest view yet of the central creature of the feature, and it has continued to solidify the belief that Fede Álvarez’s movie is going to be something special and bring back the classic design of the Xenomorph. Watch the new trailer above.

After the PG-13 Predator crossover movies, and Ridley Scott’s divisive prequels, the transfer of the Alien franchise to Disney following their merger with 20th Century Fox had many worried that no Alien movie would ever return to the glories of the past again. However, fans have been getting more and more behind the idea that the film’s place in the timeline between the events of Alien and Aliens can bring the franchise back to its best. The new story focuses on a group of space colonists who encounter a Xenomorph nest on a derelict space station, and it doesn’t take long for things to take a turn for the worse.

Alien: Romulus

Alien: Romulus takes the phenomenally successful “Alien” franchise back to its roots. While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe.

Release Date
August 16, 2024

20th Century Studios, Hulu, Scott Free Productions

Scott Free Productions , 20th Century

20th Century

USA Today unveiled a close-up image of the Xenomorph, showcasing the creature’s iconic drooling mouth. This image not only highlights the creature’s features but also reassures fans that Álvarez is following through on his promise that this film will honor the legacy of Ridley Scott’s movie, and James Cameron’s 1986 sequel.

Alien: Romulus appears to be blending the claustrophobic horror of Scott’s movie and the action elements that were introduced by Cameron’s epic sequel. The first trailer included characters desperately attempting to flee a swarm of Facehuggers, something that really cemented fan hopes of getting the film they have been craving for many years. You can check out images below.

The Alien Franchise has Often Divided Fans

Like any movie franchise that kicks off with a film that delivers an almost insurmountable peak, the Alien saga has often stumbled with those who saw Ridley Scott’s vision come to horrific life in 1979. While Cameron’s action blockbuster delivered a completely different type of movie, Aliens ensured that both the Xenomorphs, Facehuggers and Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley became a part of cinema history and pop culture forever.

Following the less consistent sequels Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, which both were more concerned with delivering their own vision for the franchise than explicitly continuing that of Scott or Cameron, and the heavily criticized prequels Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, Álvarez has brought the franchise back to its roots by involving the godfathers of the franchise in the process.


Alien: Romulus Star Says It’s a ‘Very, Very, Very Different’ Film for the Franchise

Alien: Romulus star David Jonsson teases the unique approach to the franchise in the prequel/sequel.

While Scott is on board the movie as producer, Álvarez previously spoke about how working with the master filmmaker was beyond any experience he could have ever hoped for. He said, “For all of us and whatever it is that we do, the dream is to sit down with the masters of our craft and have a conversation about what we do and learn how to do it better. And the process of making this film definitely gave me that experience with Ridley. ” Alvarez added:

“At the story level, we first told him what I was planning to do, and then when he read it, I discussed the script with him. And later, when he watched the movie, I discussed my cut with him.
So, I consider each one of those moments and creative conversations with Ridley to be a highlight of my career and my life

Alien: Romulus
will be released in cinemas on August 16, 2024

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