All 10 Seasons of NCIS’ Original Show JAG Are Coming to Prime Video


  • JAG
    , a classic military legal drama, is set to stream in its entirety on Prime Video starting July 1, 2024.
  • Created by Donald P. Bellisario,
    was a precursor to
    , which has since become the most-watched scripted show on network television.
  • JAG’s
    success paved the way for the
    franchise, which has spawned multiple spin-offs and remains popular to this day.

While NCIS has become a popular television franchise all on its own, the series wouldn’t exist today without JAG, the classic military legal drama that began in 1995, and spawned NCIS following its eighth season in 2002. While Paramount+ has housed a handful of episodes of JAG for a while now, the series has never been able to stream in its entirety, but that is about to change very soon, as all 10 seasons of JAG are making their way to Prime Video.

As per TV Line, the 227 episodes that comprise JAG’s 10 seasons will be available to stream on Prime Video beginning July 1, 2024, so fans will be able to relive all the drama and intrigue surrounding the Judge Advocate General Corps. Originally starring David James Elliot as Harmon “Harm” Rabb, Jr. and Catherine Bell as Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie, JAG is widely regarded as one of the best military dramas of all-time, and was nominated for 11 Primetime Emmy Awards during its time on the air, winning three.


Release Date
September 23, 1995


Created by Donaldo Bellisario, the man behind such classics as Magnum P.I. and Quantum Leap, JAG came at a time when crime and legal dramas were all the rage, with shows like Law & Order, LA Law, Matlock, and Jake and the Fatman finding success in the ratings. The time was right for a military infusion to the ranks, with JAG revolving around a former pilot turned lawyer working for the military’s Judge Advocate General division, which is tasked with prosecuting and defending those accused of military-related crimes.

Originally airing on NBC for one season, JAG made the jump to CBS for the remainder of its run after being canceled due to poor ratings. It found success on its new network, climbing the ranks in popularity, regularly being watched by anywhere from 12 to 14 million people. Though it ended in 2005, JAG’s legacy lives on to this day.

JAG Opened the Door for NCIS to Become a Success

Seeing the success of JAG as it found its audience on CBS, creator Donald Bellisario had the idea to create a new military legal drama that would serve as a spin-off to the series. During JAG’s eighth season, episodes 20 and 21 became the backdoor pilot for NCIS, introducing viewers to the characters of Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Vivian Blackadder, Abby Sciuto, and Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

This method allowed Bellisario and producer Don McGill to make the easy transition to NCIS in the hopes of garnering some of JAG’s viewership. Premiering on September 23, 2003, the debut episode of NCIS was watched by more than 13 million people, and while – like JAG – it struggled a little at first, the series has since gone on to last longer than its parent series, going into its 22nd season this coming fall.


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Since its inception, NCIS has become so popular that it’s had several spin-offs of its own, including NCIS: Los Angeles, New Orleans, Hawai’i, Sydney, and the upcoming NCIS: Origins, which will serve as a prequel to the original series. For the past five years, NCIS has been consistently the most-watched scripted show on network television, finally being dethroned by the new series Tracker, which debuted in February 2024.

With JAG finally being available to stream in its entirety for the first time ever, there’s a good chance we’ll see it rise to the top of the ranks once more, which could possibly lead to a resurgence in popularity, and open a whole new set of doors for the NCIS franchise.

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will make its way to Prime Video on July 1, 2024.


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Release Date
September 23, 2003

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