All Gas and Gaiters! Series 1.1 [E01 – 04 Incl. Chapters] 1971 [Best Available Quality]

00:00:00 – S01E01 – 1971-01-05 – The Bishop Rides Again
00:29:39 – S01E02 – 1971-01-12 – The Bishop Writes a Sermon
00:59:09 – S01E03 – 1971-01-19 – The Bishop Meets a Bird
01:26:05 – S01E04 – 1971-01-26 – The Bishop Turns to Crime

Series Details

All Gas and Gaiters is a British television ecclesiastical sitcom which aired on BBC1 from 1966 to 1971. It was written by Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps, a husband-and-wife team who used the pseudonym of John Wraith when writing the pilot. A radio version of All Gas and Gaiters was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from 5 January 1971 to 4 December 1972 for 33 episodes. The radio show used the same cast as the television series with the exception of Derek Nimmo, who left after the first series and was succeeded by Jonathan Cecil. Although seven radio episodes were thought to have been wiped, these were later found and all are available through radio enthusiasts.

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