ALL or NOTHING – 1930’s Gangster Short Film

Whats up everybody and welcome back to another episode of TorchLight Studios. So here’s the thing. We made this short film back in February and submitted it to a couple contests. Although it didn’t win, the other videos DISCONNECTED won at 2 film festivals and STAND BY ME won at 1 so, I’m pretty happy with the results. Anyway a ton of work went into this project. My team and I wrote the script on a Saturday and did locations, found actors and filmed on Sunday so, over the course of just 2 days, aside from a couple days of rigorous editing, we crafted ourselves a piece we truly hope you’ll enjoy. There’s a lot of talking but trust me, if you pay attention to the words, you won’t even notice its a dialogue film. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy this 1930’s gangster film and stick around for more content like this. Peace…..