Am I a Gangster? – The Godfather III

Joey Zasa is a character in the film The Godfather Part III. He is a gangster who controls the majority of the New York City underground in the absence of the Corleone family’s control. He is depicted as ruthless and power-hungry, constantly seeking to expand his criminal empire and eliminate any potential threats to his dominance.

Zasa is portrayed as a rival to the Corleone family, particularly to Michael Corleone, who is attempting to legitimize the family’s business dealings. Zasa views Michael’s attempts to distance the family from organized crime as a threat to his own power and attempts to eliminate the Corleone family through violent means.

Throughout the film, Zasa serves as an antagonist to Michael and the Corleone family, representing the corrupt and violent nature of the criminal underworld. He is ultimately killed by Vincent Mancini in self-defense, solidifying Vincent’s loyalty to the Corleone family.

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