America’s Most Daring Heists: Inside the FBI Files | Real Stories True Crime Marathon

4 back-to-back episodes of FBI Files.
Season 4 Episode 6: In Arizona, a shipment of money vanished without a trace, along with the two men hired to guard it. Agents didn’t know if the guards were willing participants or victims of an ambush. When the vehicle was recovered — but with hundreds of thousands of dollars and the drivers missing – suspicions grew that the crime was an inside job.
Season 6 Episode 7: A bank vault was blasted into from the ceiling, and over $2 million in valuables was missing. Agents were able to track down one of the robbers’ friends and attempted to use him as bait to reel in the crooks.
Dangerous Gamble: In Henderson, NV, a suburb of Las Vegas, two robbers brandishing assault rifles ambush armored guards as they exit their truck on March 3, 2000. The robbers kill both guards and seize $5,000. As the killers run to their getaway car, a police officer arrives and opens fire, striking one escaping assailant in the leg. After loosing the killers in a chase, police collect blood left by the injured robber and bullet casings from the firefight. Las Vegas Police and the FBI notice similarities to brazen midday robberies at the MGM Grand casino, the Desert Inn casino and the Mandalay Bay casino. The FBI developed a list of suspects after the September 20, 1998 MGM Grand robbery.
Season 7 Episode 15: FBI agents and local police track a gang of robbers who specialize in armored car take-downs. As the robberies grow more violent, agents launch a complex sting to trap a deadly ring of thieves and shut down their dangerous operation.

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