ANG MANGLILIGPIT | Full Movie | Crime Action Drama w/ FPJ

A story about a guerilla assassin tasked to kill fascist collaborators and sympathizers in the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

“Ang Mangliligpit” stars Fernando Poe Jr. and he is joined by Jose Romulo, Victor Bravo, Manolo Robles, Dencio Padilla, Paquito Diaz, Joe Sison, Resty Sandel, Ding Salvador, Van De Leon, Lito Anzures, Nello Nayo, Pablo Virtuoso, Vic Varrion, Rebecca, Mario Escudero, Roberto Talabis, Bob Padilla, Joe Cunanan, Manny Sanchez, Robert Talby, and Romy Diaz among others. Released in 1968, it is directed by Efren Reyes Pablo Santiago with a screenplay by Fred Navarro.

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