Anthony Quinn – The Naked Street (1955) [film noir] [crime] [Farley Granger] [Anne Bancroft]

The Naked Street is a 1955 American crime film noir directed by Maxwell Shane. The drama features Farley Granger, Anthony Quinn and Anne Bancroft.

Phil Regal, a tough racketeer, pulls strings to get his pregnant sister Rosalie’s punk boyfriend, Nicky, out of a death penalty sentence, so that they can get married. Later, after Rosalie loses the baby and Phil learns that Nicky is cheating on her, the gangster arranges for Nicky to be framed for a murder.

Farley Granger later said that he thought the movie was “preachy, trite, and pedestrian,” although he welcomed the opportunity to work with Anthony Quinn and Anne Bancroft.

Farley Granger as Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Bradna
Anthony Quinn as Phil Regal
Anne Bancroft as Rosalie Regalzyk
Peter Graves as Joe McFarland
Else Neft as Mrs. Regalzyk
Sara Berner as Millie Swadke
Jerry Paris as Latzi Franks
Mario Siletti as Antonio Cardini
James Flavin as Attorney Michael X. Flanders
Whit Bissell as Dist. Atty. Blaker
Joe Turkel as Shimmy
Joyce Terry as Margie
Harry Tyler as I. Barricks
Jerry Hausner as Louie

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Anthony Quinn – The Naked Street (1955) [film noir] [crime] [Farley Granger] [Anne Bancroft]

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