Asylum (Aka I Want To Be A Gangster) (2008) Original Promotional Trailer

Synapse and GPC Films are proud to present French director Olivier Chateau’s exciting new thriller ASYLUM: I Want to be a Gangster! Shot in standard definition with a desaturated sepia color palette and intentionally degraded grainy picture quality, this film has a unique look that sucks you in and never lets you go.

When Jack, an aspiring young thug, tangles with the wrong people he somehow gets an audition to work for the big-time mob. After he botches one of his first jobs he goes on the lamb only to be captured, tortured and chained to a tree in a remote forest. Left to die with no food or water, Jack must to use his wits to survive. Encountering predators both animal and human, Jack fights for his life. He wants to be a gangster, but at what cost?

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