B-Movies : Double Cross (1941) AMERICAN CRIME FILM

Double Cross (1941)

Stars: Wynne Gibson, Kane Richmond, John Miljan
Director: Albert H. Kelley
Writers: John A. Albert (original story), Milton Raison (screenplay)

Double Cross is a 1941 American Producers Releasing Corporation crime film directed by Albert H. Kelley and starring serial star Kane Richmond. The film is also known as Motorcycle Squad (American 16mm rental title).

When a nightclub that also features illegal gambling is raided by the police, uniformed motorcycle policeman Steve Bronson is in an adjoining room to the main area with his girlfriend Fay Saunders who is a co-owner of the club with Nick Taggart. When Fay sees several policemen scuffling with Nick she grabs Steve’s revolver and shoots one of the policemen. The other policemen return fire mortally wounding Nick whilst Fay places the revolver next to Steve where she declares she saw Steve fire on the police.