B-Movies : The Last Alarm (1940) American Monogram Picture Film I Crime Thriller

The Last Alarm (1940)

The Last Alarm is a 1940 American Monogram Picture film directed by William West and starring veteran character actor J. Farrell MacDonald.


Captain Jim Hadley, Fire Chief, has his retirement dinner after 40 years in the service. Next day, time hangs very heavy on his hands so that he even chats to a brush salesman (who has a perfect Elmer Fudd voice.) Bored he later visits his old fire station; Fire Company No.7 and talks to the men there, who are called out on a fire.

The Great Eastern Insurance Company where Frank Rogers (who is interested in Hadley’s daughter Jane) works. There has been a number of fires lately and a firebug (arsonist) is suspected. This thought is echoed at the Arson Bureau where Lieutenant King, chased up by the Mayor, tells Henderson and Roberts he wants results. They know it is an arsonist who uses time bombs and petrol. The arsonist turns out to be the keeper of an antiques shop, which Joan visits.


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