Baby Gangsta (Movie Trailer) Staring, Paid For & Produced By Real Crips & Bloods

LAPD veteran Detective Derrick Coleman (Slink Johnson) grew up in the oakwood district of Venice, a crime-ridden side of Los Angeles Hollywood never sees. Coleman grew up immersed in the gang culture and mentality that still plagues the community, but as a teenager something changed: he lost a close friend and also almost lost his own life to gang violence. He’s made it his lifes mission to pay it forward.

Baby Gangsta, known as BG, lives in the same neighborhood Detective Coleman grew up in. Coleman watches BG; he sees himself in BG – the same choices, the same mistakes, and the same potential to make it out of a dead-end life. Meanwhile BG and his childhood friend Slim are being drafted into war with the rivals of some of their West LA neighborhood allies, Lil Loc and Ace. Big Poppah (Mitchy Slick) and his road dog Goon (Compton Menace) are on a quest for blood after hearing that Lil Poppah’s prostitute got his sister slapped by BG. Under the ever-watchful eye of Detective Coleman, will Baby Gangsta choose a never-ending cycle of money, violence and destruction, or can he escape this world for a new life?


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