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BELT SLAVE is a low budget true life character film written and directed by Jeff Gallea that follows the Hollywood leather worker Jinx (not his real name). The story is based on real people Jeff worked with at Von Dutch for a decade in the leather trade. Jinx was an alcoholic blue collar leather worker lost in sociopathic misogynistic pursuit of women in his sad and simple life as a leather belt studder for a small Los Angeles accessories shop filled with a rag tag group of part-time workers and unemployed fashion models. The Hollywood shop has since closed but the characters remain in memory through this film.
This is Jeff Gallea’s second feature film completed in 2009. After a low turnout run on the festival circuit, the 120 minute film was edited down to a 20 minute short and released as “SLAVE TO DESIRE”. The short helped Gallea acquire finishing funds and the feature length version was polished into this version on YouTube. The real character Jinx is based on died in a motorcycle crash in 2018 at Willow Springs, California, wearing studded belts and boots he handcrafted. RIP Jinx.

“Thank you for 14 million views! Looking at the film now, I see a solid attempt to show those odd characters in the late 90’s early 00’s fashion world I used to live and work in. It was embarrassed at times to be around these people, but those times were never boring” – Jeff Gallea

‘Watching Trees’ song available here:

Eric Wolfgang Nelson – Jinx, the Belt Slave
Rachel Miles – Mika
Robert Sisko – Belt Boss
Florence Tung – French Elsa
Amelia Meyers – Lucy
Todd Henry Baker – Burger Todd
T Ashanti Mozelle – One Leg Kenny
Natasha Blasick – Pink Passion
Dru Delio – Tommy B
Suzanna Jones – Suzie Q
David Harbatkin – Curly
Noelle Perris – Ex Girlfriend
Jeff Gallea – Boss’s Brother in the tent
Charles Botang – Dreadlock Friend
Laura Cotenescu – Stoned Out Lady In White
Austin Wilfred – Pot Dealer

Cinematography : Drew Aiello & Jeff Gallea

Cello Score : Rebekka Lien

Film Score : Eleven Pond

Editing : Todd Henry Baker & Jeff Gallea

Tech Advisor : Alex Safdie

Mohawk Casting

Credits Song : Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

Written, Produced & Directed by Jeff Gallea


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