Best Actress 1950, Part 3: Gloria Swanson and Bette Davis

This is a review of the Oscar-nominated performances by Bette Davis in “All about Eve” and Gloria Swanson in “Sunset Boulevard”.

00:00 Introduction
02:59 The writing of “All about Eve” and “Sunset Boulevard”
13:22 Who can play Norma Desmond?
16:10 The career peak of Gloria Swanson
22:32 The casting Margo Channing
27:25 The downfall of Bette Davis’s career
41:30 Gloria Swanson agrees to do a screen test
43:52 Bette Davis working on “All about Eve”
51:10 Sunset Boulevard mixing reality and fiction
54:05 Gloria Swanson joins United Artists
56:42 The fiasco of “Queen Kelly”
1:03:52 The downfall of Gloria Swanson’s career
1:13:09 Gloria Swanson keeps working
1:16:42 How Gloria Swanson shaped Norma Desmond
1:23:25 Gloria Swanson working on “Sunset Boulevard”
1:25:48 The shooting of “All about Eve”
1:27:09 Bette Davis finds new love
1:36:19 Reactions to “Sunset Boulevard” and Gloria Swanson’s performance
1:41:47 Reactions to “All about Eve” and Bette Davis’s performance
1:43:39 Margo Channing or Tallulah Bankhead?
1:46:36 Bette Davis back on top
1:48:40 My Review
1:56:51 The Academy Awards
2:02:40 How were the comebacks of Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson perceived?
2:09:45 The curse of Norma Desmond
2:14:20 The Remainder of Gloria Swanson’s career
2:22:49 Final Thoughts

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