BEST of Buster Keaton

A compilation of Buster Keaton’s best short films! Buster Keaton was once referred to as the best actor/director in the history of movies and was probably the second most famous man in the World during the silent film era, second only to Charlie Chaplin.

Hosted by Charles Dewandeler

00:00:00 – The Butcher Boy (1917)
00:04:10 – The Goat (1921)
00:27:39 – The Haunted House (1921)
00:48:53 – The Playhouse (1921)
01:04:20 – Cops (1922)
01:11:50 – The Scarecrow (1920)
01:30:22 – Closing

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NOTE: Some films have been shortened for time.

Buster Keaton’s short films featured here were originally released by various studios, now in the public domain. New hosting segments Copyright 2024, The Last Great Movie Company

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