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There are the 4 simple rules here on The Life Boat!
In the comments and in the live chat.

1. We don’t discuss politics. Ever.

2. This is not a religious page and while you might hear people say ‘God Bless’ or ‘I’m going to pray for you’ or ‘I wouldn’t have gotten through this without my faith’ that’s fine. What’s not fine is to say ‘my God is better than your God’ or ‘here’s why you’re not getting into heaven’.

3. We believe wholeheartedly that if you can’t control your tongue you can’t control your life so while on board there’s not going to be any cursing on this page. period.

4. There is NO room for mean people on board the Life Boat. Because we discuss very sensitive things from people’s past, here in our group setting, we have to protect those people. The only way they’ll feel confident and comfortable discussing those things is in an environment free of trolls and mean people. So if you’re a mean person or a troll, we are going to block you for life. Sadly, there are people in this world who enjoy being cruel, solely for the sake of being cruel, that’s not going to fly here.

But if you’re here to learn how to live your best life, beat addiction and live a sober life, then you’ll find that The Life Boat is just that .. A Life Boat.
Captain Tommy will see you on deck and you are now a VERY welcomed part of the crew !


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