Black Hood Comics No 9 Comix Book Movie

Black Hood Comics No 9 Comix Book Movie

Title | Black Hood Comics No 9 | Publisher: Archie / MLJ | Date: Winter 1943 | Lang: English

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Price: 0.10 USD, Pages: 58, Editing: Color: Color Dimensions: Standard Golden Age Paper US Stock: Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior Binding: Saddle-stitched Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series Frequency: Quarterly

Comic Contents:
Featuring Black Hood
Credits Pencils: and Inks: Clem Weisbecker?

Comic Story Crime Goes To College (13 pages)
Featuring Black Hood
Credits Pencils: Clem Weisbecker | Inks: Clem Weisbecker
Content Characters: V: Markov (I)

Comic Story The Case of the Medical Murderer (10 pages)
Featuring Black Hood
Credits Pencils: and Inks: Clem Weisbecker
Content Characters: V: Dr. Walter Anthony, Killer Kane (I for both), Snowbird (I, D; not to be confused with Capt. Swastika’s assistant)

Publisher advertisement “Er … I’m very sorry, but Mr. Plunk’s tied up in a conference …! (1 page)

Comic Story The Crime-Confessors (10 pages)
Featuring Hangman
Credits Pencils: Bob Fujitani | Inks: Bob Fujitani
Content Characters: V: Alvin “Dippy” Dirk, Roger Dalton, Prudence Primm, Herr Schmidt (I for all), Hans (alias Father Paul; I, D)

Text Story Is Germany’s Secret Weapon a Rocket Plane? (2 pages)

Comic Story The Little Crime That Wasn’t There! (9 pages)
Featuring Black Hood
Credits Pencils: Clem Weisbecker [as Clem] (signed) | Inks: Pen Shumaker [as Pen] (signed)
Content Characters: Victor Thurber (introduction, villain); Matilda Haymes (introduction, death); Mr. Haymes (death)

Activity Junior Flying Corps Page! (1 page)

Comic Story The Crooner and the Crooks (6 pages)
Featuring Boy Buddies
Credits Pencils: and Inks: Bill Vigoda
Content Characters: V: Jackson Gleep and his crony (I for both); I: Hank Heersatyer (a singer)

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Black Hood Comics No 9 Comix Book Movie is presented in full screen, 1920 X 1080 HD (1080P) quality video, without music, narration, sound, animation, pans or zooms, enabling every comix panel, of the story, to be read and enjoyed, on or off-line, at any time, and in any place you can access it.

Each page panel plays for 5 seconds making it easy for you to pause the comix book movie, read the pages at your own pace, and resume play to go to the next page, pause, read, and so on and so on for your enjoyment.

Black Hood Comics No 9 Comix Book Movie is part of the golden age comixs’ Adventure; Superhero genre. The Golden Age refers to the first cycle of superhero comixs which existed between 1938 and 1950. This was the period in which the concept of the superhero was born.

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