Black Organized Crime Timeline In Chicago

a lot of the source here

0:08 1840s
2:14 Jim Crow Laws
3:07 Mush Mouth Johnson
7:12 Black Migration
8:30 Policy King Policy Sam
10:15 Rob Motts
11:50 Effects of war on Black Workers
14:05 Blacks Facing Violence
16:31 Ragen’s Colts
17:40 Blacks creating Their Own Community In Chicago
20:22 Policy Game In The Black Belt
21:45 Policy King Daniel McKee Jackson
29:03 Beginning of the 1930s
32:50 Policy Kings Kelly Brothers
36:34 Policy Kings The Jones Brothers
44:25 Big Jim Martin
45:56 Ed Jones Return From Prison
46:52 Mac Jones Death
47:49 Policy King Teddy Roe
50:18 Ed Jones Kidnapping
55:45 Reaction from Ed Jones Leaving Chicago
56:44 Teddy Roe Almost Kidnapped
57:43 The Outfit Going after Black Policy Wheels
59:14 A Hit on Big Jim Martin’s
59:42 Teddy Roe Last Bigtime Black Policy King At The Time
1:00:34 Kefauver Committee
1:06:52 Roe Vs Giancana
1:14:03 The King Is DEAD!
1:15:32 Big Jim’s and Ed Joneses Death
1:16:15 George Jones In Cuba
1:17:08 Policy Game Death In The Black Belt
1:18:30 Benjamin Lewis AKA Big Cat
1:20:47 Changes In The 60s
1:22:12 More Changes
1:23:48 Richard Daley And The Hamburgs
1:24:08 North Lawndale
1:25:39 Flukey Stokes
1:27:22 Flukey’s Death


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