Bonnie & Clyde ambush aftermath death car film combo (HQ)

High quality silent public domain film combo of the interstate Bonnie & Clyde execution aftermath.
Louisiana’s Bienville Parish Sheriff Henderson Jordan is seen inspecting Bonnie’s purse near items on the ground taken out of the car. Bonnie’s Indian blanket is draped over her rear door & near her feet is a magazine she had been reading. No weapons are visible near or in the hands of B&C in the front seat. B&C’s dead bodies had been moved to the positions you see them in prior to Ted Hinton filming the carnage. B&C’s coroner determined that of the multidude of bullet wounds B&C suffered the posse bullet that struck Bonnie’s left cheek & exited the top of her head killed Bonnie & a bullet through the head killed Clyde.

Mystery, controversy & emotional scars have hung over this savage double murder of pretty, petite & allegedly pregnant 23 year old Bonnie Parker and her 25 year old crime companion Clyde Barrow 23 May 1934 on a rural road in Louisiana & fueled opposing opinions of the outlaws, the lawmen who attacked & killed them, pre-trial executions, law enforcement vendettas, excessive force, the secret clemency deal for new Barrow gang member Henry Methvin in exchange for B&C location info that cost B&C their lives plus damage suffered by B&C victims & the enormous state & Federal legal costs created as a result of their gang’s crime spree.

After Clyde’s gang freed member Raymond Hamilton & others from Eastham prison farm in Jan 1934, Texas prisons chief Lee Simmons & then Texas Governor Miriam ‘Ma’ Ferguson hired former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer to find & kill B&C & authorized him to keep the duo’s possessions (including the guns) once they had been killed. Two active manhunts combined into one when Hamer joined forces with 3 more Texas & 2 Louisiana lawmen in this conspiracy to murder B&C. Two of the Texas lawmen on Hamer’s team had participated in Dallas county Sheriff Smoot Schmid’s failed Sowers, Tx ambush of B&C on 22 November 1933 that wounded B&C during a secret family visit on a rural road for Clyde’s mother on her birthday.

No evidence Texas Governor ‘Ma’ Ferguson coordinated with Louisiana Governor O.K. Allen for permission for the 4 Texas lawmen to shoot & kill B&C in Louisiana has surfaced. The 4 Texas lawmen were not deputized by Sheriff Jordan & B&C were not wanted for crimes in Louisiana. There is no proof Bonnie killed anyone or even fired a gun. B&C often were blamed for their gang members’ crimes. Bonnie did not rob banks or businesses; she stayed in the car during robberies. Both B&C were crippled: Bonnie could barely walk or stand up in May 1934 because of severe burns she suffered after Clyde’s Wellington bridge accident in mid 1933 plus Clyde limped from losing two toes in prison. Realtor paperwork for Louisiana property Clyde had showed his father plus B&C’s recent bank loot vanished after the attack. TX & LA law officials that concocted the secret deal with Henry Methvin’s relatives let Henry go unpunished for his Texas crimes (including several murders) so that the posse could ambush B&C in Louisiana.

Recently released FBI files (Dallas Field Office File# 26-4114) detail J. Edgar Hoover’s agents involvement in feeding the posse B&C tracking info plus Hoover’s knowledge of the secret Methvin clemency deal. They reveal B&C’s relatives’ phones were tapped, a Clyde Barrow cousin was a paid Bureau informer, Bureau agents planned to participate in the ambush if notified in time to respond & the Bureau had contemplated its own B&C ambush.

Public outrage after the ambush motivated state, local & private sources not to honor pledges to the B&C reward fund. Expecting to share a pledged $26,000 from the reward fund the six man posse received just $200 each for their ambush of B&C.

Ruth Warren spent over $3,000 in Federal court in her battle with Sheriff Henderson Jordan to retrieve her stolen ‘death car’ from him.

Recent books have suggested that Clyde was killed first by Louisiana Deputy Prentiss Oakley (ex marine sharpshooter) and Bonnie was slaughtered while trying to escape the car & surrender as based on studies comparing the death car bullet damage vs. B&C’s autopsy reports vs. several conflicting posse versions of the attack vs. witness accounts.

What really happened the morning of 23 May 1934? Were the Federal & State operatives motivating the execution posse’s violent & deadly action justified to bypass the Court system and kill the fugitives? Did Bonnie deserve a ‘shoot to kill’ directive for being with Clyde? Should the Louisiana Governor have ordered the posse arrested and tried for double murder? Besides B&C being murdered, how did this ambush differ from prior B&C violent encounters with lawmen?

Thousands of people attended the funerals of B&C in Dallas.