Boulevard Nights Produced By Warner bros Motion Pictures in 1979

this movie was produced by one of the original movie companies in Hollywood Warner Bros they were not only credited for some of the best movies out of Holywood but they had created some of the best early Gangster movies of all time from Gangster actors such as George Raft to Humphrey Bogart & James Cagney, with George Raft Being the true Gangster of them all George Raft grew up with close Friends Benjiman Busy Seagal & Charles Lucky Luciano & Meyer Lanksky though this movie is way out of touch compared to gangsterism of today Boulevard Nights was written in 1979 by an Asian named Desmond Nakano, it was directed by a Caucasian Gentleman named Michael Pressman both Men Took a chance on creating a Movie about the life of Mexican Americans in East LA filmed in Boyle Heights East Los Angeles it became a big hit for many people throughout California the classic sounds, in the beginning, are nice I selected some of the best soul tracks to fit in with What I considered the best scenes from Boulevard nights I hope you enjoy it peace to everyone that watches this video from cities across America such as San Jose to East Los Angeles ToTexas or Where ever else you May Reside Enjoy Like and Comment & Subscribe for more content