Calisthenics: History of Pullups and Pushups

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1:46 Spartan Origin Theory
3:13 Exercise Before The 1800s
5:20 The Other Origin Theories
7:10 Our First Record Of A Type Of Pushup and Squat
8:11 Zurkhaneh Origin Theory
9:33 Our First Record Of The Pullup
11:40 Origin Of Rhythmic Calisthenics
14:03 Origin Of Freestyle Calisthenic Moves
16:30 Origin Of Military Calisthenics
18:50 Calisthenics And Totalitarianism
20:20 Freestyle Calisthenics Preconditions
21:44 Prison Origin Theory
23:13 Bar-Tendaz
24:51 Origins Of Freestyle Calisthenics As A Sport
27:18 TL:DW Conclusion

Note on Olympics possibility: calisthenics needs to be first officially recognised as a sport by 40 countries in 4 continents. See more here
So far it is officially recognised in 8/40 countries (Iran, Malaysia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mongolia).

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