Cancel Brian Holtzman | Fishing with David Lucas

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#CancelHoltzman Full Special:
Brian Holtzman on Kill Tony #519:

0:00 How Brian Holtzman Got His Start at the Comedy Store
5:00 Why David Lucas Didn’t Like Brian Holtzman at First
9:32 Carlos Mencia and Comedy Gossip
14:21 Brian Holtzman’s Items of Interest
24:14 The Joke Writing Process and More Comedy Gossip
34:13 Sinbad, Matt Rife and Joe Rogan (Experience)
40:06 The Mothership and Locking up Phones at Comedy Clubs
47:16 Comedy Store vs The Mothership

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Connect with David Lucas
Youtube: ​⁠@DavidLucasComedian

David Lucas was born in Macon, GA. He started acting an early age, performing in numerous stage plays at the Macon Little Theatre. He relocated to Hollywood where he was a contestant on, “MTV Yo Momma”. He has since written for several television shows and continues to perform stand up all over the country (for such comedians as Louis CK, Erik Griffin, Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, Tony Hinchcliffe, Bert Kreisher, DL Hughley and many more) He is a regular on Kill Tony. Catch him on tour currently with Brendan Schaub and Joe Rogan!

Filmed By Daniel Casas

A 7EQUIS Network Show


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