Cannon Movie Tales: Red Riding Hood (1987) – Part 7

Godfrey sends Dagger to find out the source of the magic and to eliminate it.

Jean gives Linet a basket to take to Nanny Bess. Linet promises to go straight there, but Dagger meets her in the forest. They talk about how strangers lie and mislead others (“Never Talk to Strangers”)

Red Riding Hood (officially: Cannon Movie Tales: Red Riding Hood)

Directed by: Adam Brooks

Written by: Carole Lucia Satrina

Based on Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault and by Brothers Grimm. And part of the film series Cannon Movie Tales.

Amelia Shankley as Linet / Red Riding Hood
Isabella Rossellini as Lady Jean
Craig T. Nelson as Godfrey / Percival
Rocco Sisto as Dagger
Helen Glazary as Nanny Bess
Linda Kaye as Badger Kate
Amnon Meskin as Peter
Julian Chagrin as Allen Owen

Cinematography Yuri Neyman & Ye’ehi Shnegur

Music by: Stephen Lawrence

Production company: Golan-Globus Productions

Distributed by: Cannon Releasing Corp

Release dates:
May 1987 (France: Cannes Film Market)
15 March 1989 (US: video premiere)