Chinatown At Midnight (1949) [FILM NOIR] [CRIME]

Chinatown at Midnight is a 1949 film noir crime film directed by Seymour Friedman and starring Hurd Hatfield.

After a jade vase is mentioned to him by Lisa Marcel, an interior designer, Clifford Ward steals it from a Chinatown shop. He shoots and kills shopkeeper Joe Wong, who triggered the burglar alarm, and when employee Betty Chang telephones for help, Ward shoots her as well.

Ward, fluent in Chinese, speaks to the police on the phone. Telephone operator Hazel Fong becomes the only hope police have of identifying the voice. Lisa sees a photo of the stolen vase in the newspaper and immediately suspects Ward, who then adds her to his murder victims. When he falls ill and phones a neighborhood pharmacy, the call is once again placed by Hazel, who recognizes his voice. Ward attempts to flee, but the police gun him down.

Hurd Hatfield as Clifford Ward
Jean Willes as Alice
Tom Powers as Capt. Howard Brown
Ray Walker as Sam Costa
Charles Russell as Fred Morgan
Jacqueline deWit as Lisa Marcel (as Jacqueline DeWit)
Maylia as Hazel Fong
Ross Elliott as Eddie Marsh

Source: “Chinatown at midnight”

Chinatown At Midnight (1949) [FILM NOIR] [CRIME]

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