Clark Gable & the Men of the 351st BG (Restored Color HD 1943)

This is my new digital restoration of this classic film, “Combat America,” one of my favorites. The images are a bit soft because the original was shot in 16mm Kodachrome and then enlarged to 35mm Technicolor for theaters, so that’s to be expected.
This film was was produced, written, directed, and narrated by Clark Gable while he was on assignment with the 8th Air Force. In many ways, it’s more a warm hearted home movie than a typical information film.
Gable flew with the 351st Bomb Group until he was ordered to stop by “the Brass.” He felt he had to share the experience of what these crews were going through combat missions to make an honest film. His affection and admiration for these men comes through loud and clear. This feature is like a picture album out of the past, giving us snapshots of life on a front line American base in the U.K. in 1943.
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