Classic Radio for January 9, 2024 – Stagecoach, A Joke, and the Elephants Graveyard


Two hours of Westerns and Comedy

First a look at this day in History.

Then Screen Directors Playhouse, originally broadcast January 9, 1949, 75 years ago, Stagecoach starring John Wayne. The classic story based on the 1939 movie about The Ringo Kid, The Plummer Boys, and The Apaches.

Followed by Gunsmoke starring William Conrad, originally broadcast January 9, 1954, 70 years ago, The Joke’s on Us Three men lynch a rancher for stealing horses. Two of the men are shot, and the third one is threatened.

Then The Jack Benny Program originally broadcast January 9, 1955, 69 years ago, The Elephant’s Graveyard. Jack searches for the “Elephant’s Graveyard.”

Followed by The Bob Hope Show, originally broadcast January 9, 1951, 73 years ago, Broadcasting from Carswell Air Force Base. The program originates from Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas. Bob’s opening monologue is about Texas. The cast does a cowboy skit.

Finally Lum and Abner, originally broadcast January 9, 1942, 81 years ago, Mousie vs. Iron Ike. The fight has been fought and the winner decided.

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