Classic TV Theme: Alias Smith and Jones (1971)

A light-hearted Western in the mold of Butch and Sundance, ‘Alias S&J’ details the adventures of two reformed thieves who are given secret amnesty by the governor. It will become permanent and public if they demonstrate good behavior. Meanwhile, the law will still be after them. Pete Duel and Ben Murphy had the chemistry, and recurring characters (played by Sally Field, Burl Ives, et al) added to the fun. Sadly Duel’s private demons led to suicide, and Roger Davis (who had provided the opening narration) took over the role. But the spark was gone. The show was cancelled after 50 episodes. The light-hearted Western theme comes courtesy of Billy Goldenberg (‘Banacek’).
00:00 Opening titles: season one.
01:01 Opening titles: season three.
02:06 End credits.