Collateral & the Death of Neon

An exploration of street lamps, crime cinema, and disappearing worlds.


Music by Tyler Floyd

Why The Ring Didn’t Use Color Grading:
Searching For Fallen Angel’s Lost Lens:

Additional Attributions:
10:14 – Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003) [voiceover clip]

More information on the “moonlight towers” referenced at 3:20:

Moro, Francisco García. “The Death and Life of Hong Kong’s Illegal Façades.” ARENA Journal of Architectural Research, 2020, Art. 2.

Yaldız, Esra et al. “Loss Of City Identities In The Process Of Change: The City Of Konya-Turkey.” Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 140, 2014, 221-233.

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00:00 Intro
01:59 Part 1: Street Lights & The Color of Crime
11:03 Part 2: Collateral & The Rise of Neon
15:54 Part 3: LEDs & The Loss of Identity
23:46 Conclusion