Crime Mystery Thriller Movie (with dog) – Eyes in the Night (1942)

Stars: Michael Whalen, Anne Nagel, William Bakewell Director: Albert Herman A Nazi spy ring is after a U.S. Army formula that increases the power of ordinary gasoline! For more hard-to-find.

PG Eyes in the Night – 1942.

PG The Phantom Robber gets a fortune in jewels and some valuable papers from a robbery on the “The Midnight Limited” train, Val Lennon and his pretty assistant, Joan Marshall, are on his trail.

Two British Intelligence agents infiltrate occupied France to learn the Germans secrets.

Stars: Richard Talmadge, Shirley Grey, Fred Malatesta Director: George Crone Writer: Charles R. Condon (screenplay) Stuntman extraordinaire Richard Talmadge swings into action when a young.