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Andre Rand (born Frank Rostum Rushan; March 11, 1944) is an American convicted child kidnapper, and suspected serial killer, currently serving two twenty-five years to life sentences in prison for the abductions of two girls, age 7 and 12. He is eligible for parole in 2037. He is the subject of the 2009 documentary Cropsey which states that he may have been the source of that urban legend.
In 1988, Rand was charged with the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Schweiger. The Staten Island jury could not reach a verdict on the murder charge, but convicted Rand of the first-degree kidnapping charge. He was sentenced to twenty-five years to life in prison. He would have been eligible for parole in 2008 if not convicted of a second kidnapping. According to the documentary Cropsey, some people along with detectives speculated that Rand may have been involved with Satanism and provided the children to be sacrificed. There were people who also thought that Rand was not alone in the commission of his crimes and many believed he was passing the children around to his friends in the underground network of homeless and mentally disabled people living in the tunnel systems of the former Willowbrook state school.. He reportedly confessed Holly’s murder to an inmate and compared himself to the serial killer Ted Bundy. Volunteers continue to search the abandoned property twice a year for evidence related to Rand’s other alleged victims, but nothing has been discovered. In 2004, Rand was again brought to trial, this time charged with the kidnapping of Holly Ann Hughes twenty-three years earlier. There is no statute of limitations in New York for first-degree kidnapping, which made this charge possible. A jury convicted Rand of the kidnapping in October 2004, and he was sentenced to another consecutive twenty-five years to life in prison. He will become eligible for parole in 2037, when he will be 93 years old. All of his alleged victims vanished from or were murdered in the Staten Island area, with the possible exception of Nerenberg. Their cases remain unsolved.

Video credits: @Joshua Zeman (director and producer of documentary Cropsey)

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